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    i keep watching the last scene of this new godaddy spot over and over



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    Jim Bengston, photography for Olympics Lillehammer ‘94. Norway. Via eMuseum

    (Source: sammlungen-archive.zhdk.ch)

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    Hyun Kim, Seoul Olympics 1988. International Poster Gallery. Minimal graphics that describe a fan dance.

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  6. Finally got to see Coven. Best line ever. 

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    Here’s my piece for the Fifth Element fan book! If you’d like to buy a physical copy of the book you can do so HERE or you can get a digital copy HERE. There’s a ton of great artists involved so definitely check it out!

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    Ryuichi Sakamoto / B2 UNIT 1980

    from Music Magazine 1980 October

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  10. The industry calls this marbling.

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    Otl Aicher, Flyer material for Volkshochschule, adult evening classes, 1953-56. Ulm, Germany.Via Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

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    URL Letterman Jacket by LaTurbo Avedon. Edition of 10

    Available from Kickstarter

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    "Bertrand" sideboard/console by Massimo Iosa Ghini in 1987 is an example of his Bolidismo Movement featured in Terrazzo in the Fall of 1988 . Made of lacquered wood and chromium-plated metal (79.4 x 186.1 x 55.2 cm)

    Bolidismo was a short-lived design trend from the Itlaian “bolide”, an old word for asteroid or shooting star like a comet moving forward. Influenced by Italian Futurism and American Streamline Art Moderne.

  15. These are larger than life puppets. #waynewhite