1. jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk:

    It’s party time! Join me and friends in Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of my new book 1 Page at a Time. Comedian Kate Berlant will perform a set, followed by a dialogue about “design for good” with superstar designer & art director Jessica Walsh. Free booze & I can sign your book maybe.

    RSVP: adamjk.com/nycparty

  3. gurafiku:

    Japanese Theater Poster: Diagonal Line Express. Nami Masuda. 2014

  4. Dog Park / Kevin Cancienne

  5. design-is-fine:

    A.W. Faber, illustrated price list of lead and colored pencils, 1897. USA. Via Melissa Easton. The complete list online: University of Houston

  6. design-is-fine:

    Fred Troller, advertising campaign for Geigy Dyestuffs, 1965. Switzerland. Via eMuseum

  7. (Source: julie-cruble, via kosure)

  8. mikellis:

    Illustration for U of T Magazine

  11. trophywivesclub:

    shitty phone pics of a finished cover and spread i did for an article i wrote

    Shit. Nice.

  12. I watch this to feel inspired. She is so great. 

  14. keithnegley:

    My spread in TIME Magazine on the current anti-vaccination movement. Fabulous art direction by Martin Gee.

  15. gurafiku:

    Japanese Event Poster: Kads MIIDA Meets Local Specialties. 2013