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    Casa Tomada Rafael Gómez Barros

    "The urban interventions are meant to represent displacement of peasants in his native Columbia due to war and violence, themes that resonate in one form or another in any country his work is displayed in. Crafted from tree branches, fiberglass, and fabric, the 2 foot ants are particularly striking when seen clustered aggressively on facades of buildings."

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  4. Drink the pixels BE the pixels.

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    Ang Lee is a good cook and was a full-time house-husband for six years.

    i live in norway and am sad

  6. Sunday Funday.

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    Solid advice

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    Mexico City-based artist Vladimir Maislin conjured up these photoshopped images that explains a lot about Marina Abramović’s performance work. (via facebook.com/vladimir.maislin)

    More here: Required Reading

  12. I feel ya bro.

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    Practice your flag making skills with a Flagsmith block set

    I love blocks. 

  15. Surprised to first see this poster, when most broadway advertising goes photographic, some do a great throwback. Can’t say much the the play itself. This would look awesome printed on a cream matte cover stock.