1. First gif made from AfterEffects

  2. I watch this to feel inspired. She is so great. 

  3. Citizen brand video ace job from Dan Cassaro

  7. Inspired from a hookup, one of his walls was covered like this, but in black.


  8. Exactly what is Critical Graphic Design?

    ht @modescriticism / via http://www.igdb-ningbo.com/igdb6/en/

    Critical Graphic Design

    Critical graphic design is not merely a type of design, but as an attitude and moreover, a way of working.

    Critical graphic design is a working attitude based on criticalness, it is also a form of thinking based on practicality.

    With the rapidly transforming social form and contemporary design, what type of roles would designers play in today’s complicated world?

    Up till this day, the majority of graphic designers still focus their concerns solely on the demand and expectation of the mass in the mass market. What we have developed have been for the “perfect” society, avoiding the hidden darkness of the reality in daily life . However we know that reality is not as delightful as what it seems to be. Today, graphic design is gradually losing its values.

    We hope that, graphic design, either seemed as a language or an activity, its aim would not only be to solve the problem of commissions, nor would it be to get a seemingly attractive work. Instead, we should try to discuss social phenomenon, to tell stories, to present views hidden from everyone else, and to express the thoughts of individuals and human being as a whole. Graphic design should change the scenes, interfere with events, and narrate our time. This kind of doubt against original conditions of usage for design is the critical attitude that is required.

    On the other hand, because we are used to living in a digital world, while communicating in the social network, the original boundaries of graphic design have become blurry, and the old edges of the field are becoming its new highlights, and new dimensions (for example, timeline) have become the base points of new development of design. The proportion of graphic designers that work in traditional printing field has decreased in recent years. This transition that originated from media transformation, information congestion, technological democracy and communication, is taking place at the moment. Therefore, the influence of technology on design methods has never been so important, and the attribute of interdisciplinarity has never been so imminent.

    Our method is determined by our attitude! The enormous transformation of graphic design today will inevitably produce new methods. Under the current trend, even the design work in traditional printing is potentially a brand new medium. Yesterday’s graphic designers have become today’s informational architects, imagery creators, visual musicians, popular culturists, public artists, programming artists, events curators, imagery critics, media undertakers, visual writers, social designers, and even ¡ª information scientist.

    Here, we call for all the new designs originated from the critical attitude and new methods!

  9. Unintended pattern.

  10. Started up a society6 store, I think the iPhone cases are my fav. http://society6.com/mikemilldesign

  11. Tyler the Creator


  12. A very good read. This took me out of the American/European mindset to focus on graphic design on a larger level where instruction comes short in developing countries.


  13. "There’s no distinction between anything, I find it impossible to tell where one person’s work ends and another’s begins. The desire to stand out, to add any iota of personality to the now so sacrosanct content has been eradicated."
  14. typeonly:

    Futur, poster submitted and designed by Jeff Pag (2013)

    Type Only
    Unit Editions

    Reminiscent of Filippo Martinelli. Love.

  15. Michael Newhouse- his work is so great one of my favorite designers and he does a bit of everything.