1. Surprised to first see this poster, when most broadway advertising goes photographic, some do a great throwback. Can’t say much the the play itself. This would look awesome printed on a cream matte cover stock.

  2. HoliNYC.

  3. Vision of the Future from Broad City. Ilana Wexler is the voice of a generation.

  4. hmwebseries:

    New episode premieres Wednesday, March 26th!

    Super excited!

  6. Should have shot in HDR.

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  8. To anyone in the NYC area

    I’m looking for a place to live. Currently in Astoria, don’t want to leave but need a new rental situation. If you have any leads let me know! 


  9. One Year In NYC

    I have indeed survived my one year in New York, doing better than ever. After “graduating” In May of 2012 I decided to move back to NY. I had become insufferable to my classmates talking about my experiences of my internship at SpotCo and my summer in NY. After eagerly counting down to moving long 9 months of waiting. Then I left most of my stuff, drove home and flew to NYC and stayed with friends I lived with the previous summer. 

    On Freelance

    No one tells you that once you graduate freelance becomes your best friend. In that year I used my networking, twitter, and AIGA skills to gain freelance, not every month was successful many times I was just scraping by. In the beginning I had many leads but none solidified. It was more like a roller coaster of ups and downs. At times I could barely afford food, thankfully at the time I was living in East Williamsburg with friends I am grateful to have. While I assisted in building sets I got paid in dinners, it was great, much better than money. 

    Later on I was starting to get legitimate gigs starting small but building experience and finding out what I wanted in a work environment. I was at a range of firms small to large, in-house to advertising firms. Having this varied experience was valuable, I’m glad I didn’t settle on one job out of school, it was great to get a survey. At the same time I was networking and meeting amazing people that I’ve become friends with. 

    On Housing

    In August I found my first place by Craigslist and signed a lease with 4 strangers to rent a place in Prospect Heights. The experience was great, we luckily got along and shared a lot with each other. While three of us are staying in the city one is moving back to California. I’m moving to Queens. 


    Overall I’m in a vastly different place, I could not have predicted where I am and can never predict where I’m going to be. It felt like living in NYC my life drastically changed every few months and now that I’m gaining stability my sense of creativity has returned, now I’m looking for a way to harness it into a side project. This should be a lot easier now that I found a full time position at a good firm with great people, I don’t have to write a wretched cover letter for the near future. 

    Overall I grew this year more than anytime prior, being an adult and on your own is hard and I have been surprised at my own resourcefulness and I proved that I can do it. 2013 is looking to be a good year.  

  10. Kind of in love with this, reminds me of my favorite rolling security gates in NYC.

  11. On Sunday I went to the exhibit called NYC 1993: EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR While I was viewing the exhibit online, there was a striking poster created by a firm called Bureau, through an interview with the former partnership, I learned that Marlene McCarty and David Moffett were part of an activist group Gran Fury making art and design with a purpose using all forms of advertising in the early 90s. Why I want to share this is because, graphic design has become stale, most doesn’t have an important message to share or a cause to benefit. This collective was around for awareness since the government was ignoring the AIDS crisis and not properly informing the general public. See more of their work via the NYPL online public archive of Gran Fury’s work. 

  12. Jennifer Sterling, she is one of my favorite designers/people I’ve had the great chance to meet. Also her new work is a breath of fresh air in a very trend driven design scene. She is re-launching her site soon but in the mean time like Jennifer Sterling Design on Facebook.  All photos are by Jennifer Sterling. 

  13. Went to the Lustig’s exhibit at AIGA. Great minimal yet complex cover art.  Here is a link to their cover art from pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mikemilldesign/the-lustigs/


  14. Frustration

    I’m currently a freelance designer looking for a full time job. Easier said than done. I get plenty of interviews, dress nicely, follow up, doing everything in my power to look appealing. I get a second interview, then I hear nothing. Because I was either the second choice or not the right fit. Some reasons I’ve gotten were I’m not experienced enough for an entry level position, I don’t have the right aesthetic. My skill level is there, my craft is there, but I’m apparently not right for anyone. I know finding the first job is the hardest, but its getting old. 

  15. The best Bloomberg Businessweek cover.