1. Woody Pirtle is one of the founding members of Pentagram. His marks are impressive, other work is at pirtledesign.com

    1. Glenwood School
    2. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Hair Personal Mark
    3. Dallas Opera
    4. NYC Centennial
    5. Channel 20 Atlanta Public Television

  2. New at Pentagram posted a great collaborative project celebrating 40 years since the legendary design firm’s opening by designing a poster for every year. Many great thought provoking posters, the above are my favorite! What tops them is the year 1997. Other favorites include Natasha Jen’s contribution of a dimensional city made of Pentagram designed logo’s, John Rushworth’s beautiful 2005 and Paula Scher’s 1984.  

  3. Ladies and gentlemen I have made it and my computer came today!!! Its nice to be plugged in again.

    Must share: last night I headed to AIGA 30: Celebrating the Greatest Hits I ran into my friend Amanda, it was great to see her. In the last few days I was quite negative regarding trying to relocate, last night changed it all, for 10 dollars I saw the design greats and even met Paula Scher!! She is so great. I’m now reinvigorated to pursue my New York designer dreams. 

    I’ve only been in town for 7 days and seen countless apartments, many frustratingly small and expensive, not talking about Manhattan, our very own Bushwick in Brooklyn. I saw a place that had 6 ft tall ceilings with rafters this dude was cramming 7 rooms into a place built for four and this was on the JMZ line at Myrtle-Wycoff. I dont feel like I need to pay $745 for a window closet.

    So the search goes on, the most promising places are in Astoria, Queens most reasonably priced and a great deal. Living off the N or R train is almost like living off the L albeit usually 20-25 minutes to midtown. On my second day, I wanted this apartment with a great cat, good location and cool roommate thought I had it but nothing is ever that easy. It was a close call but now I’m still looking. 

    If anyone is still looking for a roomie in NY let me know!

  4. ‘Train Track’ is the latest piece of sustainable inspiration from Do The Green Thing, the environmental non-profit initiative co-founded by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani. Created to inspire people to take the train instead of driving or flying, ‘Train Track’ features a toy train which runs along a suspended ribbon of cassette tape, so playing a beautiful song about the pleasures of train travel.

    (Source: pentagram.com)

  5. I want this too!


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