1. I like how this turned out. 


  2. Debbie Millman: Words of Wisdom

    When I’m down this is the best advice:

    “I wish someone had told me that patience and persistence pay-off. I wish that someone had told me to trust my instincts when they warn me to stay away from people that are bad for me. I wish that someone told me that, despite my fears, I would not end up homeless by the time I was 40. I wish that someone told me to get a dog as soon as possible. And most of all, when I was first starting out, I wish that someone had told me not to worry so incessantly; someday, in the far distant future, I would be really really happy.”

    - Debbie Millman


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  4. carbzombie:

    There’s some great internship advice here. Definitely worth a read for all of you students/potential interns.


    This post is inspired by a Mohawk student who sent me a message on Twitter asking for advice for someone who is starting an internship. So thanks, Sandy!

    First of all, congratulations on getting an internship at a super-awesome advertising agency! It’s not easy to get in, and it’s not easy to…

  5. Best advice ever.