1. Picard out of Condiments by Kaycee Wilson

  2. HoliNYC.

  5. Came across on Facebook, she’s pursuing an MFA at FHSU. In her recent work she has been sculpting elderly models. Truly interesting.

  8. Inspired from a hookup, one of his walls was covered like this, but in black.

  9. Michael Newhouse- his work is so great one of my favorite designers and he does a bit of everything.

  10. Ashley Mackenzie is a graduate of OCAD in Toronto. I absolutely adore this illustrators work.

  11. Repost from Brown Paper Bag

    Jiro Bevis has a sec­tion of work on his site, Fun, which seems to hold true to its title. The sub­jects ref­er­ence pop­u­lar cul­ture, using bitmap ele­ments to dis­tort his dig­i­tal cre­ations. They are flat as a pan­cake and occupy the weird space between 2Dand 3D.

    These type of images make me nos­tal­gic for my youth — grow­ing up with crappy com­puter graph­ics, dial up inter­net, AOL as a com­puter pro­gram… The good ole days (not really).

  12. Remixed paintings by Thomas Robson UK based artist. These are his remixed paintings.

  13. Glitch experimentation with pattern and drawing model. 

  14. agi-open-london:

    Fritz Bühler — Tek poster (1947)

    AGI Open has a tumblr, they have an amazing visual archive.

  15. Rocco Piscatello, has created some great lecture posters for FIT, minimal and conceptual. There’s one tonight at the Kate Murphy Amphitheater featuring Jake Barton of Project Projects.