1. natgeofound:

    A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand on Main Street in Aspen, Colorado, 1973.Photograph by Dick Durrance II, National Geographic Creative

    hip child.

  2. I want everything in this store. 

  3. Michael Newhouse- his work is so great one of my favorite designers and he does a bit of everything.

  4. Ashley Mackenzie is a graduate of OCAD in Toronto. I absolutely adore this illustrators work.

  5. putthison:

    Some great 1920s men’s fashion illustrations, found via Reddit

    Nice find and nicely done!

  6. Repost from Brown Paper Bag

    Jiro Bevis has a sec­tion of work on his site, Fun, which seems to hold true to its title. The sub­jects ref­er­ence pop­u­lar cul­ture, using bitmap ele­ments to dis­tort his dig­i­tal cre­ations. They are flat as a pan­cake and occupy the weird space between 2Dand 3D.

    These type of images make me nos­tal­gic for my youth — grow­ing up with crappy com­puter graph­ics, dial up inter­net, AOL as a com­puter pro­gram… The good ole days (not really).

  7. Remixed paintings by Thomas Robson UK based artist. These are his remixed paintings.

  8. Whatever you do this weekend follow Skip Hursh’s Pinterest board of abstract patterns. He has quite the collection.

  9. Personal pattern explorations. Inspired to make a few patterns.

  10. Roberto Calbucci, an artist and virtual designer from Italy, who is currently living in Tokyo. He uses a variety of tools to create these works, ranging from ink, pencil, oil pastel, oil color, gouache, rapidograph, spray glue, and airbrush.

  11. The most useful chrome add-on ever. 

  12. Brandon Lattu has a grand body of work of installations and photography, these C prints are compelling, shows the art of cover design all together. 

  13. Would you believe that these are paintings? I saw the first painting by Nathalia Edenmont at the Armory Show

  14. I attended the overwhelming Armory Show this weekend and showing throughout the week the artists that I found interesting. Featuring the collage work of Duane Micals, very different than his other work, I enjoy the play of color and solemn vintage photographs. 

  15. Mike Brodie aka the Polaroid Kidd followed teen train hoppers from 2004-2009. These photographs are such beauty and realness. You can purchase his book here!