1. creativemornings:

    One year ago, CreativeMornings was in four cities. We now host our free monthly events for thousands of attendees in 35 cities across six continents. Last Friday, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a single, searchable archive for all of our talks.

    Support the Kickstarter Campaign!

    If you’ve ever enjoyed a free croissant and coffee, attended a CreativeMornings talk, or watched one online, we’d be honored if you’d back our Kickstarter campaign.

    CreativeMornings is at an exciting, crucial place, a point we could have never imagined being at three and a half years ago. Help us make it even better.

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  2. Life at the Moment!

    My most favorite thing in the world.

    In my wallet I keep few things like everyone else, a metro card, drivers licence and a debit card. One thing in particular is Debbie Millman’s business card.

    She gave it to me when I met her at the Hillman Curtis Film Series. Debbie is one of my favorite people in the NYC design community. She makes branding fascinating. I can’t not have her card with me at all times. It helps me to know her words of wisdom. 

    After a rough but needed week. I was taken aback at the kindess I was given. It was not expected, but welcomed. Truthfully I needed to leave broadway advertising.

    I must explain that Broadway Advertising has been a valuable asset to me, my first internship and real New York job experience came of this industry. In Broadway it’s not just a poster, it spans to all kinds of advertising at all sizes, the web, mail, merchandise and environments that must all communicate the spirit of a show. Key art must communicate at all points depending on media to have brand recognition to specific shows. With this experience I want to get into branding and identity. Ideally a small studio atmosphere that does a mix of work. In other words I crave variety.      

    Going to Creative Mornings made my day the speaker was Stephen Doyle, and after that I feel re-energized his personal and commercial work is something to look up to! To let you know Creative Mornings is on Kickstarter. Even if you contribute 10 dollars you still get cool shit.  

    Coming up I am going to some great events/concerts. I am going to Digital Dumbo on the 26th. So glad I get to go to this the Brand New Conference which I am a full time volunteer for. Then in October be still my 90s heart! I will see Alanis Morissette at Terminal 5 and I totally know the presale code.  


  3. Open for Freelance

    My last day at Aka NYC is Friday. That means starting next week I am looking for new business or work leads. If anyone knows any great freelance positions let me know, I hate being the random lost application on Creative Circle I know I’m capable of more than that. Please help a fellow designer out!

    Anyways, I am happy to be moving onto bigger, better things. I’m just reluctant to start the search again, such a dreadful demeaning process. I fear I don’t know many people well enough to recommend me, I may have decent work, but many haven’t worked with me directly.

    At least I have current NY experience…..     

    On the hard to see brighter side, I can go to more networking and design events. I am going with a friend to Creative Mornings featuring Stephen Doyle of Doyle Partners. The most fantastic people I meet are at the Galapagos art space where the breakfast lecture series is held. 

    If anyone knows of other design events or wants to go out for coffee I’m infinitely free. 

  4. This was an unexpected fun week. I had time to go to design events. New York is so great at affordable design events to attend and a wealth of them. So I went to Jonathan Harris’s Creative Morning, then to Armin Vit’s Lecture that covered his early work and commencing in the Brand New Conference which is Super Cheap for students to attend at 150.00. It was so great to see someone who worked relentlessly on improving and where he is today is amazing. Armin made me feel so much better as a student graduating from college.

    Today I helped my gracious friends who I’m staying with on their construction which involved a great looking throne and paint work. I LOVE doing this work. Since these projects, I’ve gotten interested in wood working. 

    Can’t wait to have hobbies again such as; Wood working, book binding and figure drawing while teaching myself web design.