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  2. Saul Bass Bell Systems Pitch video

    This is a video prepared by Saul Bass as a presentation to executives of his identity system for Bell System in the early 1970s. The first half is a fantastic primer on identity design and the second half (starting at around 13:00) is the identity pitch. A little long for today’s video-viewing standards but totally worth it. / UnderConsideration llc.

  3. Pattern Matters / Calendar 

  4. Buying this book! / Louise Fili & Steven Heller

  5. Look at that logo! Nice ribbon type that is clearly hand drawn

  6. Edible Book Fair Final

  7. A brief history of title design.

    (Source: artofthetitle.com)

  8. Since I can’t upload to dribbble.com, here is a clipping of current work I have been doing.