2. Amazing album art from the band mood rings. Ht Roanne Adams

  3. Notable Opinion Illustration 2013 My favorites:

    1. Jonathan Rosen / Encouraging Doctors to Admit Errors
    2. Chris Buzelli / The Priest that Preyed
    3. Olimpia Zagnoli / Why Smokers Still Smoke
    4. Ben Wiseman / Of Love and Fungus

  4. This is done very well thanks to @septmbrindstry

  5. Michael Newhouse- his work is so great one of my favorite designers and he does a bit of everything.

  6. Ashley Mackenzie is a graduate of OCAD in Toronto. I absolutely adore this illustrators work.

  7. voxsart:

    Lost Last Hurrahs Of #Menswear 1.

    Royal Mail workplace posters, 1970s.

    Still holds true for minimal mens fashion, not a statement but enough for your personality. 

    (via mugenstyle)

  8. putthison:

    Some great 1920s men’s fashion illustrations, found via Reddit

    Nice find and nicely done!

  9. Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, The last photo is from now of ScarJo, the illustrative older covers of Divine, Blondie, and Lily Tomlin. 

  10. Slash Magazine covers, the illustrated covers are great, Slash was a punk zine published by Steve Samiof and Melanie Nissen. Focused on the LosAngeles Punk Scene.   

  11. putthison:

    From this week’s New Yorker style issue; by John O’Brien. Buy a print here.

  12. Lion progress.

  13. New week, new job, new place and new people to meet. Found a place in Prospect Heights I’ve committed for a year with 4 strangers, that is down right scary. Mostly it’s the year lease that scares me, but we’ll see what happens.

    I went to Paul Sahre’s exhibition in the New York Times Building, it was great and caught up with people I met a few days ago and met some brand new people with crazy awesome talent. I finally met Jeff Rogers in person, yes he paints the mural in the McDonalds Ad. 


  14. Please pass the link on to friends! Thanks!