1. hmwebseries:

    New episode premieres Wednesday, March 26th!

    Super excited!

  2. New week, new job, new place and new people to meet. Found a place in Prospect Heights I’ve committed for a year with 4 strangers, that is down right scary. Mostly it’s the year lease that scares me, but we’ll see what happens.

    I went to Paul Sahre’s exhibition in the New York Times Building, it was great and caught up with people I met a few days ago and met some brand new people with crazy awesome talent. I finally met Jeff Rogers in person, yes he paints the mural in the McDonalds Ad. 


  3. This is a great podcast by @sampaints


    Your Dreams My Nightmares Episode 023. An interview with Andy Pressman. Internal logic. There’s nothing wrong with that(there’s something wrong with that). Dismissing transformative thinkers. And more! All music by Kraus, via freemusicarchive.org

    You can download the episode here or subscribe to the show via iTunes.


    All music by Kraus.

  4. Studio Freddie- MailChimp received my mail!

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