1. agi-open-london:

    Fritz Bühler — Tek poster (1947)

    AGI Open has a tumblr, they have an amazing visual archive.

  2. Rocco Piscatello, has created some great lecture posters for FIT, minimal and conceptual. There’s one tonight at the Kate Murphy Amphitheater featuring Jake Barton of Project Projects. 

  3. I like how this turned out. 

  4. Teaching a small bookmaking workshop soon.

  5. Recent work for the Hays Public Library for Halloween.

  6. From @iamthemandy blog / neat idea worth trying!

  7. This looks like a riot! / Taylor David

  8. Since I can’t upload to dribbble.com, here is a clipping of current work I have been doing.

  9. Amazing portfolio of Luke Bott!