1. Mark Gowing is a stunning designer with a strong sense of modernism, he’s a rare designer with forward thinking work that doesn’t play on gimmick and trends. 

  2. New at Pentagram posted a great collaborative project celebrating 40 years since the legendary design firm’s opening by designing a poster for every year. Many great thought provoking posters, the above are my favorite! What tops them is the year 1997. Other favorites include Natasha Jen’s contribution of a dimensional city made of Pentagram designed logo’s, John Rushworth’s beautiful 2005 and Paula Scher’s 1984.  

  3. Neat poster as dress.


    March 4, 1968: “Don’t call them paper dresses,” began a report about a line of disposable dresses that could be reimagined as posters. The one seen here features Cape Kennedy. Another? An Allen Ginsberg poem. “The intent is for pretty  young things to buy them on impulse and wear them to the beach or parties,” the reporter wrote. “Matrons, stay away.” Photo: Arthur Brower/The New York Times  


  4. Urban Outfitters is ripping you off.

    In their poster section all of those posters are $24.00 each!

    Now the EXACT same posters from paper-source for $3.95 each.

  5. Great poster! Another MoMA Exhibition I wanted to see.