1. Rocco Piscatello, has created some great lecture posters for FIT, minimal and conceptual. There’s one tonight at the Kate Murphy Amphitheater featuring Jake Barton of Project Projects. 

  2. Jennifer Sterling, she is one of my favorite designers/people I’ve had the great chance to meet. Also her new work is a breath of fresh air in a very trend driven design scene. She is re-launching her site soon but in the mean time like Jennifer Sterling Design on Facebook.  All photos are by Jennifer Sterling. 

  3. Ed Ruscha, He is minimal, his artistic training was rooted in commercial art. His interest in words and typography ultimately provided the primary subject of his paintings, prints and photographs.

  4. graphicporn:


    This is the BEST! A great graphic design parody.



  6. Please pass the link on to friends! Thanks!

  9. Cecil Touchon Collage Artist /johngall.tumblr.com

  10. Wonderful finds in Lucas, Kansas!

  11. Gotta love some neon typography, especially the skill involved making script.

    (Source: gailycurl)

  12. Nice to see a Milton Glaser display face.

  13. Another project by Ryan Bosse, he has a bright future ahead!

  14. gailycurl:

    Ominous sky in Lancaster, PA

  15. whenthewhat:

    The First Link In The Chain

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