2. Googled some orange wrappers the other day.

  3. voxsart:

    Lost Last Hurrahs Of #Menswear 1.

    Royal Mail workplace posters, 1970s.

    Still holds true for minimal mens fashion, not a statement but enough for your personality. 

    (via mugenstyle)

  4. putthison:

    Some great 1920s men’s fashion illustrations, found via Reddit

    Nice find and nicely done!

  5. I attended the overwhelming Armory Show this weekend and showing throughout the week the artists that I found interesting. Featuring the collage work of Duane Micals, very different than his other work, I enjoy the play of color and solemn vintage photographs. 

  6. Saw this logo on the train yesterday, couldn’t stop looking at it.

  7. The idea of this somehow needs to be included in a tUnE-YarDs music video.  


    Model wearing a leopard hat and stole with a slide of a 1960 Mercury, 1959. Photo by John Rawlings.

  8. Cleaning and priming start tomorrow and hopefully Wednesday it will have all the shapes in.

  10. Beautiful jacket.